Construction Commitments

6 principles through which the construction industry will
endeavour to achieve a better industry and achieve best practice

The Construction Commitments bring together the six key areas vital to
delivering construction projects on time, safely and to budget. They represent
the principles which it is intended will underpin all construction projects in
order to achieve a better industry and exceed current best practice. In
support of this the Strategic Forum has set a number of key targets which will
demonstrate the improvements that the industry is making as a result of the
adoption of these Commitments and these targets are set down in a separate
document available on the Forum’s website.

The Forum will be working with Constructing Excellence in the Built
Environment to promote the use of these Commitments as a framework for all
construction projects. We are therefore keen that all companies that support
the Commitments and intend to work in accordance with these principles
indicate this by signing up

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