Strategies for Sustainable Construction

SustainabilityThe member organisations of the Strategic Forum each have sustainability committees which discuss the latest policy and technical issues of relevance to their sector (see weblinks below).

In addition, the Strategic Forum for Construction established a Sustainable Construction Task Group (SCTG)  in 2006 charged initially with contributing input to the 2008 joint government and industry Strategy for Sustainable Construction and subsequently with taking forward five environmental targets to 2012 – on carbon, water, waste, materials and biodiversity.  Specialist subgroups were established with participants drawn from across the construction lifecycle and representing the member organisations of the Strategic Forum as well as representatives from government and its regulatory agencies.

The result is a body of work that includes methodologies for measuring targets, 2008 baselines, action plans, annual progress reports against targets as well as guidance documents and posters and best practice.  Many initiatives have carried on since 2012 with objectives and targets being set for 2020.

The work of the SCTG and its specialist subgroups was in 2011 absorbed into the newly formed Green Construction Board (GCB) and was renamed the Greening the Industry Group of the GCB.  As well as the detailed work in the specialist groups, the Greening the Industry Group also produced a Top Twenty Tips for Greening Our Industry.  Find these at:

To access output from the work on carbon, water, waste, materials and biodiversity, click on the links below:

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