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The construction products industry creates and supplies the materials for building and refurbishing homes, offices, roads and railways, restaurants, shops, schools, hospitals and everything in between.

These innovative, high-quality materials are the products of a highly skilled, creative UK workforce utilising modern, sustainable manufacturing processes.

These include bricks and blocks, ceramics, concrete, flooring, glass, heating and hot water systems, insulation, minerals and aggregates, paints, plastic, roofing, sealants, steel, timber, wood and many others.

The Construction Products Association represents the UK’s manufacturers and distributors of these products and materials. Our membership includes the largest multinationals together with 40 trade associations.

Altogether, we represent 85% of the industry by value, which accounts for 10% of UK manufacturing and directly provides 300,000 jobs across 20,000 companies.

This vital UK industry has a £40 billion annual turnover – over a third of total construction output – which is expected to grow 18% by 2017 and contribute an additional £20 billion in economic activity.

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